About Us


     Earth Haven is comprised of individuals that want to make a difference. We focus on planting everything from fruits and vegetables for a sustainable food source for the community, to discarded and dying plants rescued from big box stores. After years of doing our part on a small scale, we saw the need in the community. Genius struck and Earth Haven was born. Initially, a grassroots effort, we decided to go out on a limb and see what we could do with our time here on Earth.

     Earth Haven vows to do everything in our power to protect our planet and all of its inhabitants. Motivating people to want to do better by example is something we were born to do! It is also of our belief that Earth Haven is a way for corporations to be more accountable for their waste and mass production. When a corporation partners with Earth Haven they are making a promise to it's consumers that they care about more than just a profit, they care about their impact on the world and the environment.  


 Plants and vegetables fall victim to mass production eventually leading to thousands of tons of waste every year.  We see this as a missed opportunity to bolster and strengthen local communities and those struggling to flourish due to lack of availability. When partnering with Earth Haven you are making a promise to care about more than just your personal imprint, rather how that imprint affects the future.

Katie Gerashchenko

   Passionate about creating a healthy relationship with Mother Earth and other living beings on our planet, Katie Gerashchenko is putting all of her skills and talents into the Earth Haven project. Katie‘s background in the world of artistry, sales, management, recruitment and event coordination presents an excellent platform for success. With a 15 year track record of dramatically increasing revenues, perfecting teams and growing business networks, you can expect to see her contribution as engaging, impactful and consistent.

Samantha Hadaway

   Enthralled by my grandfather’s award winning garden, my mind was opened at a young age to imagination and creation. As I grew older nature became my babysitter and taught me everything I needed to know at a young age. She and her words of wisdom stayed with me as an adult. When Covid-19 hit the USA I knew it was time to use my imagination and create a space for growth, change, and community. Using my experience in horticulture, stage production, the food service industry, and with the help of some very talented friends, Earth Haven was born.

Dustin Peppler

    Dustin’s interest in accounting and horticulture as a young student grew over time, leading him to explore the food service needs. As an important member of his family’s restaurant business he became obsessed with cooking healthy nutritional foods and providing the people he cared about with a memorable experience. He then studied organic nutrition and health care coordination in more detail while attending Arizona State University. He saw a great need for locally grown clean foods and a journey of finding the perfect project began. As a result Dustin is now fully dedicated to the vision of Earth Haven.

Bobby Zapol

   Sup y'all?! I am one of the hands-on members of the team. I have lived on both coasts and traveled to all but 5 states in the U.S. My passion for the environment began when I was in diapers and has grown steadily throughout my life. I’m striving to leave the world a better place, starting with me.